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Experience Dirt Merchant's Universe, offering TV series, empowering dialogues, courses, documentaries, and podcasts to inspire and uplift. Join us in growth and positivity!

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Planet Zoom

Coaching, Motivation and Inspiration, by the Tribe. Dive into Dirt Merchant Films universe of exploration and wisdom. Engage with 'Insights,' a compelling broadcast series, 'The Right Ascension,' our educational straight-to-camera talks, and 'Troublemakers,' stirring lectures by world-renowned thought leaders.

Embark on a quest of enlightenment with our immersive, motivational content. Visit Dirt Merchant's Universe today, your hub for inspiration, personal growth, and life-changing learning experiences

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Dirt Merchants:

The Soundtrack

Dive into 'Dirt Merchants: The Soundtrack', the new music podcast from Dirt Merchants Movie Company. Explore the iconic songs from their blockbuster films, beautifully performed by a diverse array of international artists.

Each song takes you behind the scenes, uncovering the stories behind the music that defines each cinematic masterpiece. From high-energy anthems to haunting ballads, discover the global soundscape that brings the Dirt Merchants Universe to life.

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Multimedia Publishing 

Unlock your creative potential with Dirt Merchant Movie Company's multimedia publishing platform. We offer an industry-leading 70-30 revenue split to help you monetize your films, TV shows, events, podcasts, or music videos.

With Dirt Merchant's Universe as your exclusive content host, you secure 70% of the profits while joining a conscious community of creative individuals.

Become part of Dirt Merchant's multimedia publishing revolution, a platform that empowers artists and inspires positive change. Let your talent flourish and contribute to a better world.

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