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An alternative to a volatile stock market, speculative real estate risks and uncertain cryptocurrency,

becoming a financial backer offers you the potential to secure long-term multiple-times returns.

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When you become part of the Mindatorium Finance Team you will have an opportunity to reap the benefits of geometric growth as this dynamic company expands its market presence in this important industry.

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Join the Mindatorium Finance Team

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Startups are challenging and unpredictable. Our team has spent five years and secured several million developing our business plan, produce content, hire key staff and establish branding. You're joining the team at the perfect time as we are ready to launch.

Join the Mindatorium Finance Team

Massive Untapped Market

140,000,000 people purchase personal development coaching, inspirational books, seminars and courses on a  regular basis. This is our audience. Tapping into 1% of this audience will create one miliion subscribers.

Join the Mindatorium Finance Team

Profits with a Purpose

Through five years of exhaustive research, we've discovered a huge need for entertaining yet important insipirational media, that avoids violence, fantasy and other gratuitous imagery and yet provides the immense opportunity to grow a financailly sound, long term enterprise.