Brave Echo Records Introduces "Dirt Merchants, The Soundtrack" 

All Original Music Videos Featuring Inspirational Themes from Dirt Merchants FIlms, Exclusively On Mindatorium.

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Blood Stirring Melodies Unleashed from the Silver Screen

Plug into a wide range of music, flawlessly synced with Dirt Merchants' gripping narratives. A heart-thumping blend of beats and stories ready and waiting to take you on a sonic adventure. We have broken this down into three genres.

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Dirt Merchants Original Music Videos

Ballads and Pop

Harmonious Beats Meet Heartfelt Narratives

Dirt Merchants Original Music Videos

Hard/Punk Rock 

Explosive Rhythms Collide with Edgy Storytelling

Dirt Merchants Original Music Videos

Easy Listening & Classical

A Unique Blend of Captivating Timeless Symphonies.